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What is dka?

DKA is a national gender-inclusive cinematic professional society established in 1936 at UCLA, in which our goal is to establish meaningful relationships and camaraderie between students highly committed and interested in the film industry and in the cinematic arts. 

Who can join?

Open to any and all majors at Temple, DKA welcomes everyone, undergraduates and graduates, who are dedicated to fostering lifelong character, collaborative and creative storytelling, ethical and productive business practices, philanthropic action, and societal bonds by and between students of the cinematic arts. 

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psi colony - Temple

Officially started in Spring 2018, DKA at Temple continues to grow each semester, recruiting and fostering students with creative talent and a passion for cinema. We are proud of our film community and continue to partner with organizations and host social and fundraising events to share our passion with the larger Temple community.

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